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Aug 5th, 2009 by tony

Tony KimberMy name is Tony Kimber and I am the approved instructor here at the Basingstoke branch of the Southern Shotokan Karate Association. At the Karate Club you will learn one of the oldest and most effective types of self defense known to man Shotokan Karate. Shotokan Karate is very disciplined and all students must treat the art and fellow students with respect. It is especially important to remember that Karate is for Self Defence and not something with which to show off or seek confrontation.

The Club is open to all ages or ability so whether you are 7 to 100 it doesn’t matter. I believe that everyone should have the training to allow them to defend themselves if necessary and Karate is a great way to keep fit and flexible.

My lessons are usually broken down into four parts:

  • The Warm Up

This is especially important as it ensures your muscles and body are ready for the lesson and do not become over stressed or damaged by sudden extreme movement. The warm ups are also a good time to mentally prepare for the lesson or an event by clearing the mind, increasing focus and reviewing skills & strategy.

  • Basic Training

The Japanese word for basic or fundamental is Kihon and various techniques form the basis of this basic training. Essentially this is practice of set moves required throughout your Karate training which include various blocks, punches and kicks. Some of these basic moves include:

Oi-Zuki – Punch whilst stepping forward, same hand and foot forward.

Age-Uke – Upper rising block (blocks a punch to the head).

Gedan-Barai – Downward block (block a kick to the body)

All of these techniques are performed in line with your fellow karateka (someone who studies Karate) under the direction of the Sensei (Teacher).

  • Kata Practice

This is a formal choreographed patterns of movements or sequence of techniques. I’d describe them as a sort of “dance” to non-karateka and a new one is learnt for every stage of your Karate development. The first Kata is Kata Kihon and only includes the basic techniques gedan-bari and oi-zuki. This Kata is the first in a series of 26 which you’ll be required to learn as you progress in your Karate career.

  • Kumite

This is the part we call sparring which is basically the fighting part of your Karate skills. Kumite is taught in a very structured and controlled manner with minimum contact. Again, within Kumite, you will practice some of the moves which you have previously learnt in order to defend and protect yourself. However I’d like to re-iterate what I mentioned earlier:

Karate is for self-defense only and not something with which to show off or seek confrontation.

So please come along and have a go.

We train in the Queen Mary’s room at the Vyne School every Tuesday evening at 7pm until 9pm. Each lesson costs £6 a session. Beginners most welcome!

For more details please email, telephone or text

07799 064836 or 01256 814008

Alternatively just turn up on the day but please wear loose fitting clothing.

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