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February 23rd, 2009 by admin

Tony Tony Kimber3rd Dan – Club Instructor – I started Karate because it was suggested by my boss as an avenue with which to relieve the stresses and strains of my job….he wasn’t wrong either.
Mathew Matthew Leonard – 2nd Dan
Alex Alex – 2nd Dan
Andy Andy Harrison – 3rd Dan – I started Shotokan Karate back in 1995 when a friend at the time dragged me to the Aldershot dojo. I continued to train there and at the Farnborough Dojo’s until 2001 when I took a break entirely from Karate to try Aikido for a short while. After a 5 year on off break with Karate and other sports I finally returned to it when I moved to Basingstoke in 2007 and I’ve been there ever since. So why Shotokan Karate? Because it keeps me fit both mentally and physically which is especially important to combat those trials and tribulations of everyday life. I’m also a big fan of Kata and hope one day to remember all 27 of the Shotokan Kata! 🙂
Stephen Steven McDermott – 2nd Dan
Craig Craig Alder – 2nd Dan – I first started karate at university, but a busy course schedule meant that I reluctantly had to stop after earning my first belt.  Following a ten year break, I joined the Basingstoke club in March 2009 and quickly found that I still enjoyed it as much as I had at university.  For me, it’s a great way to release stress and have fun in a controlled, friendly environment whilst also learning useful self-defence skills.

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